Professional Thick To Nail Clipper Cantilever Double Spring Silver

£16.99 £14.99

Double spring toe nail clipper cantilever

Lockable handles for safety while not in use

Curved blades edge for cutting corner nails

Easily cuts the hard thick toenails

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  • BeautyTrack Cantilever nail nipper cutters for thick nails
  • Thick toe nail clipper cutter cantilever double spring
  • Well crafted & handmade solid
  • Made of German stainless steel
  • Size : 6.0 inches (15.5 cm)
  • Colours : Silver
  • Manicure and pedicure sharp cutter fo salon and beautician
  • Cantilever clipper cutter hinges for added strength without the need to apply more pressure
  • Suitable for personal and professional chiropody and podiatrist use


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