BeautyTrack Podiatry Tools Toe Nail Clipper Cutters Nippers Chiropody Kit 7


Limited period offer only for our beloved customers
BeautyTrack professional high quality 2 x nail cutter/ cuticle clipper non slip handle
BeautyTrack double sided rasp foot file
BeautyTrack diamond deb file
BeautyTrack toe nail lifter
BeautyTrack nail file
Perfect for nail decoration / sharp fine edges work with small force
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Limited period offer only for our beloved customers

*The Original *Surgeon Designed * Stainless Steel*

Stop Ingrown Toenails.

Finally relieve your pain!

Bring relief from the misery of ingrowing nails without the expense and trauma of professional treatments.

Scientifically designed and shaped, these clippers get underneath the troubled nail for a clean cut.

Properly trimmed nails will encourage growth outwards to the CORRECT POSITION rather than into the skin.

Made from SUPERIOR STAINLESS STEEL, this one-off investment comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE !!!!

BeautyTrack  ingrown nail nipper set for chiropodist and personal use

Suitable for all type of thick/soft nails


Non-slip grip handle

Colour: silver

Material: Stainless steel

Package Includes:

  • 1X Straight thick nail cutter 
  • 1X Curve thick nail clipper
  • 1X nipper
  • 1x 6″ diamond deb file
  • 1X 7″ stainless double side foot file
  • 1x beauty toe & finger lifter
  • 1X ingrown nail file cleaner

Comes in BeautyTrack storage case!!

Additional information

Weight 325 g
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 2 cm


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